Atomic and nuclear physics laboratory

The laboratory is aimed to provide basic training in physics. Two subjects are being taught there, namely KEF/FP5 – Physical practice - atomic and nuclear physic and experimental tasks for KEF/AJFU – atomic and nuclear physics. The teaching takes place during a winter semester.

There are twelve practical tasks set at the laboratory. They are targeted so the students have an opportunity to learn basic concepts of atomic and nuclear physics. Students master the operation of different detectors of ionization radiation including the interpretation of scintillation detector spectrum. They get experience with dosimeters operation. The tasks also involve nuclear magnetic resonance measurement. Terranova equipment allows students to get their first knowledge on basic principles of NMR imaging.

List of practical tasks

  1. Franck-Hertz experiment
  2. Gamma spectrum measurements
  3. Copper characteristic x-ray radiation
  4. Scanning probe microscopy
  5. Gamma photons interaction with matter
  6. Statistic character of a decay law
  7. Measurement of G-M and scintillation detector efficiency
  8. Electron diffraction
  9. Absorption of alpha-particles in the matter
  10. Ballmer series measurements
  11. Nuclear magnetic resonance
  12. Millikan experiment