Defended doctoral theses

Supervisor Jiří Tuček

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Ondřej Malina 2017 Physicochemical characterization of beta-Fe2O3 nanoparticles Applied Physics

Supervisor Libor Machala

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Josef Kašlík 2019 High Temperature Solid State Processes Leading to Preparation of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles with Controlled Properties Applied Physics
Markéta Havrdová 2017 Interaction of nanomaterials with cell cultures Applied Physics

Supervisor Jiří Pechoušek

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Lukáš Kouřil 2018 Design and optimization of proportional gas flow counters for Mössbauer spectroscopy Applied Physics
Pavel Kohout 2018 Mössbauer spectroscopy with advanced gamma ray energy modulation Applied Physics
Petr Novák 2016 Time differential Mössbauer spectrometer with advanced gamma ray detection - development and application Applied Physics

Supervisor Miroslav Mašláň

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Zdeněk Pucholt 2022

Model simulations and animations in teaching physics and educational use

Education of Physics
Vlastimil Vrba 2019

Study of solid state properties by hyperfine methods

Applied Physics
Aleš Jančář 2015

Dosimetry of the Mix Fields of Neutrons and Photons

Applied Physics
Jakub Navařík 2015 Mössbauer spectrometer as an autonomous measurement system Applied Physics
Jan Čuda 2014 Magnetic study of FeS, MnS a FeTiO3 systems and laboratory simulation of space weathering Applied Physics
Claudia Aparicio 2013 Selected synthesis of iron and iron-oxides and their characterization Applied Physics
Naděžda Pizúrová 2012 Electron microscopy on nanoparticles systems Applied Physics
Jiří Frydrych 2011 Construction of conversion electron and conversion X-ray Mössbauer spectometer and its applications focused on study of deposition of hematite photocatalytic layers Applied Physics

Supervisor Roman Kubínek

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
David Smrčka 2019 Study of the properties of amorphous and nanocrystalic materials using nuclear forward scattering and Mössbauer spectroscopy Applied Physics
Čeněk Kodejška 2016 Laboratory works in physics for the first to fourth year of secondary school or high school, using a computer sound card and a multimeter VA18B Education of Physics
František Látal 2012 Remotely controlled experiments in teaching physics Education of Physics
Klára Šafářová 2010 Transmission electron microscopy of nanopowdered materials Applied Physics
Aleš Hendrych 2010 Magnetic properties of the nanocomposite materials Applied Physics

Supervisor Renata Holubová

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Veronika Kainzová 2012 Pre-concepts in Science Education and Their Application in Integrated Concept of Teaching Education of Physics

Supervisor Jaromír Křepelka

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Radek Melich 2012 Optical Systems Compound of Thin and Thick Anisotropic Layers Applied Physics

Supervisor Miroslav Hrabovský

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Taras Chutora 2019 Study of molecular structures on solid states surfaces Applied Physics
Lenka Řiháková 2018 Unusual selected applications of laser technologies Applied Physics
Ivana Hamarová 2012 Selected problems of optical speckle fields Applied Physics
Michal Pochmon 2012 Used optical 3D methods and their applications Applied Physics
Hana Šebestová 2012 Selected aspects of laser welding Applied Physics
Dušan Mandát 2012 Optical topography and it's application Applied Physics
Radim Čtvrtlík 2009 Physical properties of thin films Applied Physics

Supervisor Vlasta Peřinová

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Petr Pintr 2013 Relationships of parameters of planetary orbits in solar-type systems Applied Physics

Supervisor Tomáš Sýkora

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Ladislav Chytka 2019 Forward physics with the ATLAS detector Applied Physics

Supervisor Petr Sládek (MU Brno)

Graduate Year of completion Topic Program
Tomáš Miléř 2012 Weather and climate in physics education at upper primary school Education of Physics