Doctoral Study

The Department of Experimental Physics provides doctoral studies accredited for the fields Applied Physics, Nanotechnology (both in Czech and English languages) and Physics Education (in Czech only). An applicant can choose a full-time study, which assumes deep student’s involvement into the research and educational work of the Department or a combined form of study (e.g. when being employed). Prospective students choose their topics from a general topics framework published on the Faculty website. Before applying for the doctoral study it is recommended to arrange the details with a supervisor who listed the topic. The applicants are supposed to have an interview, which usually takes place in June, where they prove their expertise in the field and a certain level of English language knowledge. If accepted, they begin their study on the 1st of September. The study is based on a credit system. A standard duration of the study is 4 years (with a possibility to be extended up to 7 years). A doctoral student in cooperation with the supervisor develops an individual learning plan, which involves a time-table of exams, a research plan, and all other activities necessary for a successful completion of the study. A title of the dissertation topic is also specified. An examination in English language and an obligatory internship abroad at least for 3 months are included to the doctoral study. To meet the requirements in publications, a doctoral student is obliged to publish at least two articles being the first author in line in peer-reviewed journals. At least one of the published articles must have a non zero impact factor. When a doctoral student applies for a doctoral state examination and a defense of the thesis, his publishing activity is commented by the Vice- Dean on Science and Research Issues. At the end of each academic year a doctoral student is evaluated by his supervisor. The evaluation should be approved by the Rating Doctoral Committee, which also decides, basing on a supervisor’s proposal, whether a doctoral student will advance to the next grade.

A student of a full-time doctoral study is expected to be present at the Department regularly and work at his working place provided by the Department. In the agreement with the supervisor and the Head of the Department a doctoral student is supposed to be adequately involved in the teaching process, popularization events, supervision or consulting bachelor program students.