Laboratory of nanotechnology

The Nanotechnology Laboratory (LP-4.031) teaches bachelor students in Nanotechnology within the KEF/NPR Nanotechnology Practice course. In addition to teaching, the laboratory is also used for research purposes.


The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Workplace for simple chemical synthesis (hood, laboratory glass, mixer, vortex, ultrasonic bath),
  • Apparatus for layers creation (spin coating, sputtering, evaporation),
  • Microscopes (SEM, AFM, motorized optical microscope),
  • Reactive Ion Etching,
  • Reflectometer and photospectrometer,
  • Kerr phenomenon magnetooptical measurement set,
  • Instrument for electrical characterization with a contact station,
  • Laboratory oven, heating plates, dryer,
  • Polisher,
  • Vacuum chamber.

Tasks range:

  • Preparation of nanoparticles
    preparation of silver based nanoparticles (silver salt reduction method) and ferric oxide (thermal decomposition)
  • Preparation of nanolayers
    spin coating, sputtering, layer thickness measurement
  • Characterization of the features
    Magnetooptical Kerr phenomenon, elemental analysis by EDS
  • Microscopic techniques
    scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy
  • Methods of structural creation
    electron lithography