Laboratory of school experiments

The Laboratory of School Experiments serves primarily future physics teachers. In this laboratory students are introduced to demonstration experiments that focus on a whole range of subjects, especially mechanics, thermics, vibrations and waves, acoustics, electricity and magnetism, optics and the basics of quantum physics.

The inventory of tools includes:

  • Historical aids (such as Atwood's paddock, model of a steam machine, etc.), which in most schools do not fulfill their didactic function and serve as a demonstration of the craft skills used in the past by school children,
  • Typical aids available at schools (Newton's tube, centrifugal machine, Segner's wheel, Maxwell's flywheel, united vessels, Hartl apparatus, Magdeburg hemisphere, Crookes radiometer, Plateau nets, etc.),
  • Modern lab and demonstration kits (experimental sets Vernier, Pasco, SCLPX), which are attractive for demonstrating or measuring due to computer use.

In addition to future physics teachers, a laboratory of school trials serves pupils of secondary schools involved in the Badatel project, participates in the SOC (secondary vocational activity) and is also available to the public in regular recurring popularization events such as Science Night, Physics Day, Physical Kaleidoscope or Open Days Door.