The Department of Experimental Physics has at its disposal a number of devices and other facilities that are primarily used for scientific and educational purposes, but they are also available for contractual, commercial measurements, etc. Below there is a list of the devices that are not quite common and on which, in the case of interest, we offer the possibility of commercial measurement or scientific cooperation.

In the case of interest in the measurement, contact the person who is in charge of the instrument or the Head of the Department. In most cases it is necessary to carry out preliminary measurements at the beginning of the cooperation for verification of the suitability of the method and. This service, even in the case of commercial measurements, is free of charge.


Scanning Electron Microscope Tescan VEGA3

The apparatus is designed for observing small samples or small details on the sample. The smallest observable objects can be about 10 nm large. It is typically used for measurements that are not sufficient for the resolution of optical microscopes, but may have other benefits, such as greater depth of field or other source of contrast. Electron lithography can also be performed on the microscope.

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Digital Optical Microskope Keyence VHX-5000

Digital microscope with a motor designed for observing samples with up to 5000 magnification.

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Electronic Instrumentation

Semiconductor Characterization System Keithley 4200

The instrument is used for precise measurements and generation of currents and voltages. It is equipped with three units for continuous measurement (voltage up to 200 V) and one pulse unit. It can be applied, for example, for precise measurements of volt-ampere characteristics or resistivity.

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Mössbauer Spectrometer

Mössbauer spectroscopy allows determination and quantification of the phase composition of iron-containing substances (amorphous, nano-crystalline); furthermore, it allows to determine of valence and spin states of atoms under investigation, to distinguish structural positions of the atoms, to determine magnetic states and local configuration of magnetic moments of the atoms; determine magnetic properties including thermal and magnetic transitions; study the mechanisms and kinetics of solid state reactions, phase transformations.

The method serves as a basic or supportive method in materials physics, nanotechnology, metallurgy, chemistry, archeology, geology, mineralogy, etc.

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Various Instrumentation

Reflectometer for film thickness measurement

High-speed, High-accuracy CCD Laser Displacement Sensor

The High-speed, High-accuracy CCD Laser Displacement Sensor LK-G5000 from Keyence can be configured over a wide range of displacement, thickness, or vibration displacements in the range of several hundredths μm up to 50 mm with a frequency up to tens of kHz.

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Vibration Viscometer SV-1A

The vibration viscometer measures the viscosity of electrical current detection that is required for resonance of sensing plates at a constant frequency of 30 Hz and amplitude less than 1 mm. The required amount of sample is 2 ml. The measuring range is 0.3 mPa · s to 1000 mPa · s. Repeatability of measurement 1%, possibility of sample tempering.

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High-speed Camera

The workstation has at its disposal a high-speed HiSpec 1 Lite 2G color camera from Fastec Imaging. The maximum resolution of this camera is 704 × 528 pixels; the maximum frame rate of the camera is 1000 fps. 2 GB of memory allows to record at a full resolution of video sequence for a lengthy period of 5.8 s. However, you can set any rectangular area of ​​for extending the length of recording.

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Thermocamera FLIR E30

The E30 thermal camera falls into the lower middle class of thermal imaging cameras. The resolution of the bolt thermometer E30 is 160 × 120 pixels and achieves temperature sensitivity better than 0.1 ° C with a refresh rate of up to 60 Hz. The camera's temperature range can be set to two selectable ranges -20 °C up to + 120 °C and 0 °C up to +350 °C. The great advantage of this series is a large 3.5 "LCD touchscreen, precision laser and 2 Mpixel digital camera with LED illumination.

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Sample Preparation

Sputtering and Evaporation

The device allows applying thin metallic layers (by sputtering and evaporation method) to the backing layer. During the process, the thickness of the applied layer is measured, which can be from a few nm up to 1 μm.

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3D Printer

The 3D Prusa I3 MK2 plastic printer makes it possible to manufacture prototypes and parts in pieces.

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CNC Milling Machine

The 4MILL300 CNC milling machine is used for the piece production of printed circuit boards and boring holes. The thinnest grooves are 0.1mm and the smallest holes have a diameter of 0.2mm.

Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical workshop is used for the manufacture or repair small appliances and devices..

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Videoconferencing System

Videokonferenční systém Polycom slouží k provádění videokonferencí mezi dvěma vzdálenými místy, prostřednictvím sítě internet.

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