Laboratry of analytical methods 4.006

Cryomagnetic system for Mössbauer spectroscopy in external magnetic fields (IFMS) CRYOGENIC LIMITED

Available services/measurements:

  • Sample measurements in temperature range of 1.7–300 K
  • Sample measurements in a magnetic field of 0–7 T


X-ray diffractometer BRUKER D8

Available services/measurements:

  • Measurements of diffraction for powdered materials and thin layers (qualitative a quantitative phase analysis)
  • Measurements of texture
  • Internal stress measurements
  • Reflectivity measurements
  • Point measurements - diameter 100 μm
  • Measurements in a temperature range 20–900 °C using different reaction atmospheres

Special equipment

  • Three-axis cradle
  • Platform allowing a 3-degree of freedom sample movement
  • Automatic sample exchange
  • Reaction chamber allowing measurements in wide temperature range and under various pressures and atmospheres


Adsorption analyser Autosorb iQ

Available services/measurements:

  • Measurements of specific surface area
  • Determination of sample porosity in a pore range of 0.4 to 50 nm
  • Determination of active sites and their dispersion of a catalyst
  • Temperature programmable reduction, oxidation, desorption
  • Drying and outgassing of samples

Arc furnace SP-MP20-7

Available services/measurements:

  • Melting of metals at temperatures up to 3000 °C under both low- or high-pressure atm
  • Preparation of alloys with weight < 10 g


Glove box - JACOMEX

Available services:

  • Performing tasks under inert atmosphere with the help of 4 gloves
  • Connected to a nitrogen gas generator (purity > 99.9995%)


  • Tube furnace (temperatures up to 1200 °C)
  • Rotary tube furnace temperatures up to 1100 °C, inert working atm. – nitrogen, argon)


Measurement stations

High-powered PCs with additional measurement and control cards

Other equipment (high-voltage sources, digital oscilloscopes, function generators)

Analytical balance RADWAG - AS 310.3Y

  • Maximum weight – 310 g
  • Resolution – 0.1 mg