Section of Physics Education

Physics teacher education at the Department of Experimental Physics at the Palacky University has a long tradition. The study is traditionally organized as a two-subject specialization, the most common combination is physics and mathematics, very popular are combinations chemistry and physics, physics and biology or physics and geography. The staff of the section Didactics of Physics guarantees training in various subjects of the basic course of physics so as the special training in didactics of physics. Graduates receive a teacher qualification to work at higher grades of elementary schools, and all types of secondary schools. The master's study can be followed by the postgraduate study in Didactics of Physics.

Research activities:

  • Authorship of school textbooks in physics;
  • Methodology of teaching physics ;
  • New trends in physics teaching and learning;
  • Computer-based experiments;
  • Non-traditional experiments;
  • Interdisciplinary education;
  • Philosophy and physics.

Management of laboratories: