Study Information

If you are interested in physics or nanotechnology, you can start studying at our Department. These are such programs as Applied physics, Nanotechnology, and Teaching of physics.

Bachelor (BSc.)

The study begins in accordance with a Bachelor's program, which is finished with a Final State examination and a defense of the elaborated Bachelor's thesis. The program, the duration of which is 3 years, consists of two semesters a year, 13 weeks each. The study is based on a credit system in which there are three categories of disciplines:

  • category A, disciplines that are required for each program and represent the necessary basis for the study;
  • category B, a wide range of proposed disciplines that students can choose according to their interests and specialization. Determined is just a number of a category B disciplines that students are required to study (this is especially about specialized lectures and English for scientists).
  • category C, disciplines that students can study completely according to their interests.

During their studies students will complete, in particular:

  • Basic lectures in relevant discipline (physics, nanotechnology),
  • the majority of the lectures mentioned above are supplemented, a semester later, by laboratory measurements,
  • supporting mathematical lectures (excluding teaching of physics study).

In the case of teaching of physics there is a double-specialization study: students are specialized in physics and can choose one more major discipline listed by the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Education.

Entrance examinations: there are no entrance examinations, but during the admission procedures the preference is given to the applicants, who graduated from secondary schools with high rates in such disciplines as physics and mathematics, or the applicants, who were successful in professional students’ competitions (e.g. Physics Olympiad).

Master's degree (MSc.)

In all the fields mentioned above, the Department provides an accredited study in Master's degree, in which students can continue after their successful completion of a Bachelor's degree (they can be graduates of Palacky University or graduates of another Universities). In the case of Palacky University Bachelor degree students, no entrance exams are needed. The Master’s degree study is also completed with the Final State examination and the defense of the thesis elaborated during the two years of the study.

The study is based on the credit system, and includes the already specialized lectures and special laboratory works. Each division (except for teachers’ training) offers several options that students can choose according to their interests, and each of them has its own specifics features:

  • in the field of Nanotechnology the end of the semester is devoted to the 5 weeks continuous research practice, in which the students will focus on the topic of their theses,
  • an internal part of the Teaching of physics specialization is a teaching practice of students in the chosen secondary schools.

In the case of a program study not specialized on teaching, students can absolve a minimum of pedagogical education, due to which they become qualified as teachers of physics.

Other accredited studies

  • For doctoral students the Department provides currently accredited study in the field Applied physics, Nanotechnology and Teaching of physics.
    The applicants to the doctoral study are supposed to have an interview, where they prove their experience in the field and a certain level of English language knowledge.
  • Master's program study in the field of Nanotechnology is also provided in English.
  • After completing the Master study program students can also take the State's rigorous test and, if successful, to get a "small doctorate" and corresponding RNDr. title (for more detail please see the Rigorous order of the Faculty of Science, Palacky University).
  • The Department is also an accredited workplace for the habilitation and Professorial administration in the field of Applied Physics.

For more information

The Department offers a wide variety of Bachelor, diploma and dissertation topics. In addition, students can be engaged into various scientific and research projects carried out at the Department, especially in IGA, students’ project grant competition of Palacky University.

For more information about the study, visit the website of the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc or Study agenda.