Lukáš Kouřil

Mgr. Lukáš Kouřil, Ph.D.
Position: assistant professor
Address: Šlechtitelů 21
Room: VTP, building C, 2.26
Phone: +420 58 563 1413
  • Research activities are focused on Mössbauer spectroscopy, especially on development and application of gas proportional counters. Further topic is utilization of Mössbauer spectroscopy in metallurgy (phase composition of steel's surface).
  • Lectures:
    • KEF/ČMSA2  Computer measurement systems 2
    • KEF/ČMSA3  Computer measurement systems 3
    • KEF/ČMSA4  Computer measurement systems 4
    • KEF/FP2 Practicals in Electricity and Magnetism
  • Graduated in the field of Applied physics at Faculty of Science of Palacký University, Ph.D. obtained in the field of Applied physics.