In the context of technical progress, a number of sophisticated scientific areas are currently developing. One of these is nanotechnology, behavioral science, properties, and the creation of structures with dimensions close to the size of the atoms. Their development occurs especially due to very important applications of such structures, which are expected in industry of all kinds, in medicine, and other areas.

At Palacký University in Olomouc we have been working with nanotechnologies since the 1990s, especially in the Regional Center of Advanced Technologies and Materials, with the participation of predominantly university physicists and chemists. For this reason, we are well aware that further development of nanotechnologies will require scientists with a strong "interdisciplinary" approach, compared to the current state, when some are thinking "physically" and others "chemically". It is the course of Nanotechnology which is targeted to such scientists’ preparation.


The Nanotechnology course educates graduates with a focus on nanotechnology, its development and applications. It is aimed to educate graduates with an independent, creative, and interdisciplinary approach to experimental work in the fields oriented to the development and application of nanotechnologies. The course educates students with an emphasis on high professionalism in the borderline of such interdisciplinary fields as mathematics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology and informatics.

For whom

The course is designed for all students interested in modern science and, in particular, nanotechnology and its applications. Because of the guaranteeing placing in a job at least a non-negative relation to physics as a subject is appropriate.

Graduate profile

A graduate of Nanotechnology will acquire the necessary knowledge in the fields of mathematical-physical, material chemistry, molecular biology, electronics, and informatics. The student will understand the physical nature of nanotechnology, gain insight into the usability of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in various fields of human activity. In laboratory conditions, he will be able to test a number of technological, diagnostic and measuring procedures.

Where to apply

A graduate of Nanotechnology will find a job in industry, development, in basic and applied research, in test laboratories, in technological process management, in product certification.