Thermocamera FLIR E30

The E30 thermal camera falls into the lower middle class of thermo- cameras. The resolution of the bolt thermometer E30 is 160 × 120 pixels and achieved temperature sensitivity is better than 0.1 ° C with a renewing frequency up to 60 Hz. The camera's temperature range can be set to two selectable ranges -20 ° C to + 120 °C and 0 ° C to +350 ° C. The great advantage of this series is a large 3.5 "LCD touchscreen, precision laser, and a 2 Mpixel digital camera with LED lighting.

Detector pixels 160×120
Detector uncooled microbolometer
Frequency 60 Hz
Temperature range -20°C to +120°C
0°C to +350°C
Sensitivity 0.1°C
Accuracy ±2 °C or ±2 %
Display 3,5" color LCD
Focusing manual
Camera 2 Mpx
Zoom not
Weight 825 g