Laboratory of electricity, magnetism and electronics

The Electronic Learning Lab (LP-4.030) serves as a basic laboratory for teaching electrical practices and a classroom for computer-related teaching.

Within the basic course of physics there are:

  • Physics Practice 2 (Electricity and Magnetism) KEF/FP2 and KEF/EMGU,
  • Electronics Practice KEF/PEL and KEF/ELU.


  • Teaching of digital measuring systems KEF/ČMS1-4,
  • Teaching subjects focused on the use of LabVIEW,
  • Practice from electronic measurements KEF/PEM,
  • Teaching Microcontrollers in instruments KEF/MKMT,
  • Teaching of Applied Electronics KEF/APEL,
  • Teaching Informatics 2 (Matlab) KEF/INF2,
  • Teaching of simulation and modeling KEF/MOSI.

There are eight working places in the laboratory, which are equipped with:

  • Computer,
  • μLab measuring system (ADDU unit, analog and digital modules, components, etc.),
  • Digital oscilloscope,
  • multimeters and Metex universal systems (4 workplaces)

And other workplaces on which systems are available to demonstrate, for example, electromagnetic induction, temperature dependence monitoring, etc.