Jan Říha

Mgr. Jan Říha, Ph.D.
Position: assistant professor
Address: 17. listopadu 12
Room: 4.020
Phone: +420 58 563 4104, +420 731 640 315
Email: jan.riha@upol.cz
  • Research specialization in optical activity, above all in the optical rotatory dispersion and circular dichroism arising from the crystal structure of matter.
  • Lectures:
    • KEF/PMN1 Seminar in Mathematics for Physicists 1,
    • KEF/PMN2 Seminar in Mathematics for Physicists 2,
    • KEF/PMN Seminar in Mathematics for Physicists,
    • KEF/PMU Seminar in Mathematics for Physicists,
    • KEF/SM Seminar in Mathematics for Physicists,
    • KEF/BMS Seminar in Mathematics,
    • KEF/MATEM Mathematical Software in Natural Science,
    • KEF/PREZ Presentation in Physical Disciplins.
    • KEF/EMG Electricity and Magnetism,
    • KEF/EMGU Electricity and Magnetism,
    • KEF/ZMF Fundamentals of Modern Physics,
    • OPT/KVTM Quantum Theory of Molecules,
    • OPT/O Geometrical and Wave Optics,
    • OPT/OPTU Optics,
    • OPT/ELMN Electromagnetic Field Theory.
    Supervising bachelor thesis of students of study fields Education of Physics and Applied Physics.
  • Graduated from Teaching Mathematics and Physics at Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc, received Ph.D. degree in General Physics and Mathematical Physics, the topic of Ph.D. thesis was Quantum Mechanical Theory of Crystalline Optical Activity.
Further information
Coordinator of the Project OP VVV in the field of Didactics
Coordinator of Students' research competition at the Faculty of Science
In charge of the class-rooms: LP-4.024, LP-2.004