High-Speed ​​Camera

The laboratory is equipped with a high-speed HiSpec 1 Lite 2G color camera by Fastec Imaging. Maximum resolution of this camera is 704 × 528 pixels and maximum frame rate of it is 1000 fps. With 2GB of memory it allows to record at full resolution of a video sequence with duration of 5.8 s. However, you can set any rectangular area of ​​interest to record and maximize the length of the recording.

The shortest camera exposure time is 2 μs. The camera connects to the computer via the Ethernet interface. The camera allows to record in jpg, png, tiff, bmp and avi. If a bitmap is selected (jpg, png ...), the camera saves all appropriately numbered images into one folder. In addition, the camera can control the picture with an external signal, for example, to synchronize multiple cameras recording simultaneously, to synchronize camera shooting with external lighting (strobe, flash) or to capture single images at precisely the right moment.