Sputter and Evaporator

Sputtering device QT 150T ES (Quorum Technologies) is an instrument dedicated to thin (metal) layer covering of substrates. It is possible to use slower but better sputtering in argon or evaporation from tungsten basket / molybdenum boat. Last option is carbon evaporation from graphite rod. Except for covering, thermal annealing of small samples in vacuum is possible.

Sample / substrate requirements

  • max. lateral size, approximately 8 cm (can be higher when not rotating), height few cm
  • planar surface is optimal
  • dry, clean sample resistant to vacuum
  • n the case of evaporation sample must be thermally resistant

Technical specifications and measuring abilities

  • layer thickness from 1 nm, measured with the resolution of 0.1 nm
  • max. thickenss 1 μm (long process)
  • standard stage or slanted stage (with 6 places for SEM mounts)
  • materials for sputtering: Cu, Al, Au, Cr, Co, Pt, Ti, Ag (targets 57 mm)