Department of experimental physics is one of the four departments of physics within the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc. Its professional activity consists of "research" and "teaching" sections.

The Department of Applied Physics deals with research activities and focuses on the following four areas:
(1) Nuclear spectroscopic methods - development of instrumentation for nuclear physics experiments (detectors, modules, measurement and testing systems), utilization of this technique in material research in the University and foreign laboratories.
(2) Nanotechnology - preparation and characterization of nanosystems, nanomaterials, development of nanotechnology methodologies, material studies of basic and applied research.
(3) Digital image processing - image digitization and preprocessing, the theory of feature and structural recognition, the use of neural networks for the construction of classifiers in the field of physical applications in 3D printing (industry, medicine, and optical methods outputs) .
(4) Metrology - development of measurement methods and measurement systems, validation of methodologies, processing of results, and statistical data analysis.

The Department guarantees and co-guarantees the teaching of such subjects of study program as: Applied physics, Nanotechnology, Teaching of physics and, as a part of its educational activity, is involved in the teaching of physics not only for physics disciplines, but also for students of other science disciplines (chemistry, biology). For the purposes of teaching, the Department operates many special, modern equipped laboratories (e.g. electronics laboratory, laboratory of atomic and nuclear physics or laboratory of school experiments).

The Department is also dedicated to the development of didactic textbooks and methodological materials for primary and secondary schools, a popular events for students and public (Olomouc physical Kaleidoscope, Fair of science and research, Childhood University, etc.).



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