Didactics of Physics

Two-subject study - two subject areas and a pedagogical-psychological basis are studied. The subject Physics can be combined with biology, chemistry, mathematics, computing science, but also with geography or subjects at the Faculty of Education. The study is conceived in stages - the bachelor study (3 years) aimed at gaining professional competencies in the studied subjects and master's study (2 years) - focused on training in pedagogical content knowledge and the methodology of teaching physics. It is possible to continue in doctoral studies in didactics of physics.

For whom

The study is suitable for those who likes physics, natural sciences, who likes to work with children, people that like experimental work and are able to learn and apply their knowledge in everyday life.

Graduate profile

Studying physics is not easy and being a teacher of physics, too, but understanding nature's happenings, experimenting, discovering, teaching and learning students can be a joy for life. In addition, physics teachers in schools are becoming deficient, so job opportunities should not be an emergency, and the salaries of young teachers in particular have gone up considerably in recent years. By the way, the interconnection of physical knowledge with the basics of pedagogy and work with people can be used in a lot of occasions. We offer you:

  • professional background in physics and in pedagogical and psychological disciplines;
  • all three levels of university education in our field: bachelor, master and doctoral studies;
  • more than fifty years of experience in physics teacher training;
  • cooperation with experienced teachers from practice through a rich network of partner faculty schools (we are, of course, open to cooperate with other schools);
  • individual approach;
  • a wide range of optional subjects
  • activities and projects;
  • the new building of the Faculty of Science, with well equipped teaching laboratories and up-to-date computer classrooms;
  • contact and cooperation after graduation.

Where applicable

Our graduates receive teaching qualifications for higher education at elementary schools, multi-year gymnasiums and all types of secondary schools. They can also be employed in state administration, leisure facilities, wherever they use their expertise and the ability to work with people.